Our Services

Whether you need consulting services or a partner for your information security initiatives, look to Guard Right Solutions, Inc. We specialize in penetration testing and our consultants are highly skilled ethical hackers with knowledge of industry standards (e.g. PCI-DSS, HIPPA.) and regulatory compliance needs.


Penetration Testing

We provide a detailed report of your organization's security posture and detailed recommendations for any remediation efforts needed.

Penetration Testing Services


Operational Security

We implement effective procedures, giving you the the knowledge and tools to proactively maintain and protect your network.

Operational Security Services


Vulnerability Assessments

We work with your organization to proactively manage vulnerabilities and reduce costs.

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Guard Right Solutions, Inc. is a corporation based in Fairfax, VA., that helps organizations all across North America combat information security challenges. We believe:

Today's strong authentication is tomorrow’s weakness.

Without consistently updated security processes and procedures in place, your organization is at risk.

Guard Right Solutions helps businesses protect their most important assets, limit damage in the event of a breach, and increase knowledge and awareness  about the networks that they have to defend.

Security is not only about technology.

It is also about your team's skills, knowledge, and experience.

With tested methodologies and an expert staff, Guard Right Solutions helps organizations understand the requirements for success in their security efforts. With our measured approach, you can be aware of what is happening in your network and start proactively monitoring

You must Focus on the soft aspects.

Security is rarely implemented with a truly comprehensive approach. 

We start with studying systems, processes, and people to gain a deep understanding of an organization's infrastructure. This knowledge helps us prepare and protect you against the damaging effects of a breach, whether it's due to well-known issues or brand new threats.


Vegard Hansen is the founder, president, and senior security consultant of Guard Right Solutions, Inc. He holds multiple security certifications and has more than 17 years of information security, and infrastructure experience in the government, financial, retail, health care, and e-media sectors.