Operational Security is arguably the most important aspect of IT security.

Without operational security, technology implementations will not achieve their security goals. Current breach and incident investigation reports (such as the Trustwave Global Security Report) show that a breach is more likely to occur because of weak  passwords and system misconfiguration than advanced exploits. With Guard Right Solutions, Inc., your organization can implement proper operational security procedures, acquiring the knowledge and tools to proactively maintain and protect your network.

Identify Weaknesses

Companies often focus on products as a fix to security, but products do not offer a full solution. For example, when configured correctly, a firewall may prevent certain traffic from reaching your internal servers, but there is no guarantee that the allowed traffic has good intentions.

Guard Right will help you understand the limitations and weaknesses of a product, so you can focus on issues the product can't address.

Protect Vital Assets

Not all assets require the same level of security. For example, a bank doesn't put as much effort into protecting the front door as it does the vault. Information security must have a similar approach and protect what is most important to your business. 

By partnering with Guard Right, your organization will gain the knowledge and skill it needs to prioritize the protection of assets. 

Proactively Monitor

We can work with you to implement operational controls: we'll identify systems and devices you already have in place that can provide valuable network knowledge. In addition, we'll create a baseline for normal network traffic.

Armed with this knowledge, Guard Right can find gaps and the solutions to control those gaps, enabling you to detect anomalies as soon as they occur.

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