Guard Right Solutions, Inc. is a corporation based in Fairfax, VA., that helps organizations all across the United States combat information security challenges. As attacks and exploits become more sophisticated, Guard Right is well equipped to support your organization in securing your network.

Today's strong authentication is tomorrow’s weakness. 
Your organization will be at greater risk if it does not have network security processes and procedures in place, or know when they require updates. Guard Right Solutions helps businesses protect the right informational assets for their situation, limit the effects in the event of a breach, and increase awareness and knowledge about the networks that they have to defend. Much of our focus lies in creating knowledge and awareness about what is going on in an organization's network right now. With this information at hand, your business can be better prepared for unexpected changes. 

Security is not only about technology. It is also about your team's skills, knowledge and experience.
With tried methodologies and an expert staff, Guard Right Solutions helps organizations gain the understanding required for success in their network security efforts. Using our measured approach, you can become aware of what is occurring in your network and get to a proactive state of monitoring. 

For security to be effective, your business must focus as much — if not more — on the soft aspects.
Much of today’s security is implemented as if it were a bank that validates a person's identity before a withdrawal and then does not check the amount withdrawn. By learning from the physical world and visualizing complex infrastructure, Guard Right Solutions can help your business better understand how to limit and protect against the damaging effects of a breach — whether it's due to a new threat or well-known issues such as weak passwords and authentication protocols, legacy implementations and misconfiguration.  

Vegard Hansen is the founder, president and senior security consultant of Guard Right Solutions, Inc. He holds multiple security certifications and has more than 16 years of information security and infrastructure experience in the government, financial, retail, health care and e-media sectors.